Health Screenings Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blood type and how is it determined?

What are toxic metals?

What happens to my blood sample after its drawn?

How do I keep from embarrassing myself when my doctor wants a urine, stool, sputum or semen sample?

How do I stay calm when I have to have blood drawn?

How do I prepare for my laboratory blood tests?

What can I do to make blood draws less painful for me?

How can I help my child who is scared of having blood drawn?

How do I know if the laboratory my doctor uses is high quality?

How do home-use tests compare to laboratory tests?

What is a urinalysis used for?

What is a stool test used for?

What is anti-aging medicine and is it legitimate?

How are hormones and supplements used in anti-aging?

What is cortisol?

What is estrogen therapy and is it right for me?

What is andropause and how is it treated?

What is DHEA and should I take it?

What is progesterone?

Do I need to take a beta-carotene supplement?

What are bioidentical hormones?

How do anti-aging physicians "treat" me for aging?

Does caffeine have any benefits?

What is a blood test?

What are some common blood tests for diagnosing arthritis?

What is the Hemoglobin A1c test used for?

How to I interpret my blood test results?

Do I need to get a pregnancy blood test?

If my doctor suspects I have anemia, what blood tests will he run?

How are blood glucose levels measured?

What are the blood tests for thyroid conditions and what do they look for?

Should I get a CA-125 blood test to find out if I may have ovarian cancer?

What are the routine pregnancy blood tests?

What is genetic testing and what is it used for?

What is a cardiac catheterization and why is it done?

What are healthy cholesterol levels and how are they measured?

What is the VAP Cholesterol test?

What does C-reactive protein have to do with heart disease?

What is Coronary Artery Disease and how is it diagnosed?

What is a stress test and what does it look for?

What is the Holter monitor test and what does it look for?

What is a carotid scan and why is it performed?

What is a coronary calcification score and how is it used?

I don't have many risk factors for heart disease. Do I need to be tested?

What kind of cardiovascular tests are specific for women?

What is adrenal stress?

How can I manage or reduce my stress level?

What can a corporate wellness program do for me?

What is an NMR LipoProfile?

How do I achieve total body wellness?

What wellness programs are available for employees of corporations?

I'm female. What preventive tests do I need to have?

I'm male. What preventive tests do I need to have?

What are the benefits of therapeutic massage?

What is mental illness?

What is depression and what are its symptoms?

How do I get access to free health screenings?

What is PSA and what is its role in prostate cancer?

What are some tests for heart disease?

What is early detection and why is it important?

What is a mental health screening and how would I get one?

What are the common and STDs and how are they diagnosed?

What kind of tests are available to determine if I have Lyme disease?

What is autism and how is it diagnosed?

What is osteoporosis and when do I need to be tested?

What is a colonoscopy and do I need one?

Do I need a mammogram?

What are food allergies and food intolerances?

How do I care for my child who has food allergies?

What kind of tests will I have if my doctor suspects a food allergy?

What are some common symptoms of food allergies?

What do amino acids have to do with food allergies?

Are genetically engineered foods more allergenic than existing foods?

What is involved in the elimination diet?

What are my options for treating food allergies?

What are some other allergenic foods I need to know about?

Does my child need an Epi Pen and if so, how is it used?

How do I educate people about my family's food allergies?

How do I determine if I am at high risk for diabetes?

How do I assess my risk for heart disease?

What is my risk for skin cancer?

How do I assess my risk for cervical cancer?

How do I assess my risk for prostate cancer?

How do I evaluate my risk for bladder cancer?

What are cancer markers?

How do I assess my risk for lung cancer?

How do I assess my risk for colon cancer?

How do I assess my risk for breast cancer?

How do I assess my risk for Alzheimer's disease?

How can I achieve healthcare savings?

How can I save money on healthcare?

Is home healthcare covered by insurance?

What is a BLS course for healthcare providers?

How do I choose a home healthcare provider?

What do I need to know to care for my loved one at home?

How well is healthcare used in America?

What is Medicaid and how do I know if I'm eligible?

What is President Bush doing to reform healthcare?

What is a Health Savings Account and what are its benefits?

Where is American healthcare money going?

How do I prepare for a fasting blood test?

What should I do if I have been a victim of medical misinformation?

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