Home-Use Tests Can Provide Convenient, Private Health Information

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How do home-use tests compare to laboratory tests?

Home-Use Tests Can Provide Convenient, Private Health Information

Home-use tests are sometimes an alternative to laboratory tests. While they are not available to test for every condition, home-use tests are available to test for high cholesterol, glucose, pregnancy, ovulation, the onset of menopause and more.

Home-use test are fast, generally cheaper than laboratory tests and private. They allow you to monitor health issues that may not show symptoms, but would benefit from treatment, like high cholesterol. If your home-use test shows high cholesterol, visit your doctor immediately for further testing and possible treatment.

Home-use tests are also extremely helpful for women who are not sure if they are pregnant. Today's home pregnancy tests (HPT) are extremely accurate and fast. Rather than visiting the doctor every month for a test, women can find out in the privacy of their own home whether they have conceived or not.

These in-home tests also allow people to monitor a chronic condition, like diabetes. Some diabetics take blood sugar readings several times a day, so home-use tests are a necessity.

Keep in mind that home-use tests are meant to supplement regular visits to your doctor. They are great tools for providing you with information to maintain your health, but don't put off a visit to your physician. Especially if you are feeling sick or get a home-use test result that confuses you, your doctor's office is the place to turn.



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