Anti-Again Doctors Say Caffeine Can Be Useful

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Does caffeine have any benefits?

Anti-Again Doctors Say Caffeine Can Be Useful

A study has found that caffeine can be more useful than to simply help us stay awake.

Researchers at The Australian Institute of Sport fed athletes 6-8 ounces of a caffeinated drink before they exercised. These caffeinated athletes were able to continue exercising for 30 minutes more than their peers who had not had any caffeine. Furthermore, the athletes who took the caffeine lost more weight during the exercise than those who went without.

These results have led the research team to suggest that caffeine helps muscles burn fat instead of carbohydrates.

Because maintaining a healthy weight is vital to staying healthy and young, caffeine can be a tool in your anti-aging plan. So, before you hop on the treadmill, consider drinking a small caffeinated beverage to help improve your workout too!

Of course, consult your doctor before beginning or making changes to your exercise regimen.



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