Interpreting Your Blood Test Results

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How to I interpret my blood test results?

Interpreting Your Blood Test Results

After you've had blood tests done, your doctor will interpret them for you. Do not try to decipher your blood test results by yourself as some numbers may be outside the "normal range." This may or may not be an indication of a problem. Many factors can cause blood test results outside the normal range. For example, women having their period may show up as abnormal. Other factors that can cause variations in the numbers are race, age, non-prescription drugs, diet, alcohol consumption and even how much exercise you get. Finally, contamination of the blood can also be responsible for blood test results that are outside the normal range.

Using your medical history and any symptoms you're presenting, your doctor will work with you to interpret your blood test results in a way you will understand. If you are confused or dissatisfied with the answers you get, do not hesitate to ask your doctor for clarification. Most doctors are sensitive to the complicated nature of their field!



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