CA-125 Blood Test Not Reliable Test For Ovarian Cancer

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Should I get a CA-125 blood test to find out if I may have ovarian cancer?

CA-125 Blood Test Not Reliable Test For Ovarian Cancer

The CA-125 blood test is used to monitor women with ovarian cancer. Because CA-125 is a protein found more in ovarian cancer cells than it is in other cells, it is a reliable indicator of whether a patient is clear of cancer after treatment. However, the CA-125 blood test should not be used to test normal women for ovarian cancer.

In a woman who is free of ovarian cancer, a high level of CA-125 does not necessarily mean she has ovarian cancer. While it can indicate the presence of ovarian cancer or another type of cancer, it can also signal the presence of a benign condition like endometriosis. Therefore, it is not advisable to use the CA-125 blood test as a general screener for ovarian cancer.



2/11/2009 3:26:38 PM
Rebecca said:

Ovarian cancer is so hard to diagnose and so often it isn't found until it is too late and it is so deadly. How can you be too careful? Why isn't anyone trying to improve it like they do for men's prostate cancer?


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