Health and Wellness: Manage Your Stress

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How can I manage or reduce my stress level?

Health and Wellness: Manage Your Stress

In today's busy world, you might think it's impossible to manage your stress level while still living your life. Not only is it entirely possible to manage stress, it's necessary to maintain your health and wellness. Prolonged mental or physical stress can lead to many physical ailments, including high blood pressure, stomach ulcers and even heart problems.

Try the following ideas for keeping your stress level in check.

* Commit to a physician-approved regular exercise program. Not only is regular exercise good for maintaining a healthy weight, it is a healthy way to release tension.
* Build a support network. Surround yourself with family and friends who are positive, supportive people. Try to avoid negative people and situations.
* Distract yourself. Make time for a favorite hobby or take a class.
* Practice mental relaxation. Breathing techniques and visualization are effective, time-efficient ways to bring your tension level down.
* Improve your communication. Be open and honest when discussing your feelings. Consider keeping a journal.
* Seek professional help. Professionals are available to help you and there is no shame in seeking one out.
* Stop smoking and drinking. Both of these habits detract from your overall health and wellness.



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