NMR LipoProfile Raises Standard for Lipid Testing

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What is an NMR LipoProfile?

NMR LipoProfile Raises Standard for Lipid Testing

The NMR LipoProfile uses nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to measure LDL cholesterol. More informational than a typical lipid profile, the NMR test measures the exact size and number of LDL particles. The test takes only one minute and provides details valuable to doctors in formulating a treatment plan for the patient.

By measuring specific lipoproteins, doctors have more specific information. With this knowledge, they can more effectively treat patients according to specific risk for certain types of heart disease.



6/4/2009 10:41:28 AM
george h said:

Knew it was related to size of cholesterol, but not sure what exactly was measured. Your article makes it clear. I note that it takes "only one minute"...apparently it still is a complex process, as my local clinic has to send the blood sample out to some outfit out of state.......I would think since this is now state of the art, it could be done locally. Green Bay Wisconsin is pretty advanced in providing healthcare.....am surprised one of the many hospitals/clinics have not taken it on themselves


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