Mind, Body, Relationships and Spirit Key to Finding Wellness

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How do I achieve total body wellness?

Mind, Body, Relationships and Spirit Key to Finding Wellness

Wellness does not simply address one's physical being. Instead, it is made up of four major categories that, when taken together, constitute a well-rounded, healthy and content person. By putting effort into maintaining all factors, you maintain total wellness.

The wellness factors are:

Mind: A well mind is active, stimulated and most of all, at peace.

Body: Caring for the body with peaceful sleep, regular exercise, a healthy diet, prevention of disease and natural remedies for illness is vital to overall wellness.

Relationships: A key part of achieving wellness is having healthy, positive relationships that fulfill you, not complicate your life.

Spirit: A well spirit seeks deep connection within itself and with others. Our spirits bind us together with all living things and are often defined as the source of all that is good within us.

Finding true wellness can mean you have found peace. Immune from the lure of material wealth and the stress of external situations, if have total wellness, you have found both physical health and inner peace.



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