Life With Your Allergic Child

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How do I care for my child who has food allergies?

Life With Your Allergic Child

Being allergic to certain foods can be hard for anyone, but having a child with a food allergy can be even more difficult, both for the parents and the child.

If you have a child who is allergic to peanuts, they're forced to miss out on many wonderful things. There is also the worry involved with sending your allergic child to school, a friend's house or even to grandma's house for fear they will accidentally ingest a food deadly for them.

While all of this seems overwhelming at first, life will get easier as you adjust to having an allergic child. Reading labels on foods is extremely important, and while it seems like a huge hassle, you will learn quickly what products your child can and cannot have.

Advise your child's teachers of his food allergy and request that his classroom be kept free of the offending food. For example, many schools today do not allow peanut butter because such a large number of children have a food allergy to peanuts. Also, consider requesting a "Nut Free Zone" in the cafeteria where your child can sit safely without worrying about exposure. A Web site, even sells "Peanut/Nut Free Zone" signs to remind everyone when a child is severely allergic to these foods.



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