Sesame Seeds, Corn and Food Dyes Also Common Food Allergens

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What are some other allergenic foods I need to know about?

Sesame Seeds, Corn and Food Dyes Also Common Food Allergens

The top eight food allergies are to peanuts, tree nuts, dairy foods, eggs, soy, wheat products, fish and shellfish. The next three foods are sesame seeds, corn and food dyes. It is simple to determine allergies to the eight most common foods, but is it possible to test for food allergies to the less common allergens?

One of the most useful tests for food allergies is the skin prick test, where the skin is scratched and extract of the suspected allergen is applied. Both sesame and corn allergies can be detected using this test. Food allergies to dyes, however, cannot be detected using the skin prick test. Without food dye-specific allergy tests, it is hard to say for sure which dye your child is allergic to. Experts say that many children are allergic to Red #40, yellow #5 and some blue dyes.

If you suspect a food dye allergy, the best course of action would be to eliminate all dyes and add them back in gradually while observing your child's behavior. Food dyes are found in many candies, juices, some crackers and even certain medications. If the label mentions "artificial colors and flavors," you'll want to avoid it.



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