Epi Pen Jr. Important for Children With Life Threatening Allergies

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Does my child need an Epi Pen and if so, how is it used?

Epi Pen Jr. Important for Children With Life Threatening Allergies

If your child is diagnosed with a life threatening food allergy, your doctor will probably prescribe the Epi Pen Jr.®. This "pen" administers a single dose of epinephrine to your child in the event of an anaphylactic reaction.

Your child's Epi Pen Jr.® should never be far away. Whether they are at school or at a friend's house, your child or a caregiver must know how to use the Epi Pen Jr.® in case a dangerous food is ingested. Once your child is old enough to carry his own pen, it is vital that the child understands the medication is not to be shown off or shared with friends.

In the Epi Pen Jr.® package, you will receive a "tester pen." Practice using this so you will know what it feels like when the pen is working. There have been cases of "misfires" which would necessitate using a new pen. For this reason, it's advisable to have two pens on hand. Also take note of expiration dates and replace pens as they expire.

While it can be frightening to think about your child having a severe reaction, planning ahead with effective food allergy treatments like the Epi Pen Jr.® can save your child's life.



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