Family Members Can Learn to Provide Amateur Home Care

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What do I need to know to care for my loved one at home?

Family Members Can Learn to Provide Amateur Home Care

Sometimes a family member chooses to serve a loved one as an amateur home healthcare provider. If you choose to provide care for a homebound family member, you will need some training. Most states provide courses in home care to teach you the basics in taking good care of your loved one.

Most courses cover these basics, plus a good deal more.

* Maintaining your health – You can't care for someone else if you're sick.
* Caring for a patient in bed – Your patient who is confined to bed will require special care.
* Avoiding caregiver burnout – Respite care, having someone else to help you, is important to avoid burnout.
* Taking vital signs
* Safety administering medicine
* Safely using wheelchairs and walkers
* Safely using oxygen
* Avoiding bedsores – If your patient is bedridden, you will need to provide special care to avoid bedsores.
* Alleviating stress in both patient and caregiver



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