Prepare Adequately for Accurate Laboratory Tests

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How do I prepare for my laboratory blood tests?

Prepare Adequately for Accurate Laboratory Tests

When you go to your doctor's office for laboratory blood tests, be sure you have prepared adequately for your test. To obtain a valid medical test result, you need to ensure that you've done your part to provide a good sample.

Before the day of the test, your doctor should provide you with instructions on how to prepare for your laboratory test. Whether you need to fast or avoid certain medications, deviating from the instructions can affect the test result. If you are not provided with instructions, ask if there are any. Be sure to follow them.

When you report for the test, inform your doctor if you did not follow the instructions. Tell your doctor or the person taking your sample what you did differently.

Alert your doctor to any medication you're taking or any foods you have eaten before the test.

Do not be embarrassed to tell your doctor the truth. He may go ahead with the test or he may reschedule, but at least you will know your results will be accurate.



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