Hormones and Supplements Can Be Useful in Anti-Aging

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How are hormones and supplements used in anti-aging?

Hormones and Supplements Can Be Useful in Anti-Aging

A big part of anti-aging medicine deals in replacing what the body loses as it ages, most notably nutrients and hormones.

It's known that as we age, we "use up" our hormones, depleting our supply. Thus, physicians can use hormone replacement therapy to find the hormone balance a patient had in their early 30s. In some cases, synthetic hormone supplements are used to achieve that balance, while in other cases; substances stimulate the release of hormones already made in the body.

Nutritional supplements are also a key part of anti-aging programs. Because these supplements are doctor prescribed, they are tailored more to your body than a bottle of pills you'd pick up at the health food store. Vital to a treatment regime are multi-vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant complexes.



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