Colonoscopy Recommended For People Over 50

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What is a colonoscopy and do I need one?

Colonoscopy Recommended For People Over 50

If you are over the age of 50, your doctor will probably recommend a colonoscopy. This procedure allows doctors to view the entire colon, an organ that can be up to six feet long. During the colonoscopy, doctors will remove suspicious tissue for biopsy and will also look for signs of colon cancer.

To prepare for the procedure, your doctor will prescribe a low fiber or clear fluid diet. This is to begin clearing the colon of solid matter. On the day prior to the colonoscopy, you will need to take a prescribed laxative and drink large amounts of fluid.

The colonoscopy is performed in a hospital or clinic, and since light sedation is administered, you will need someone to drive you home afterward. Once you have been sedated, the flexible endoscope is passed into the anus and up into the colon. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and allows your doctor to view the colon, take biopsies and inject medication if necessary.

If your results are normal, you probably won't need to schedule your next colonoscopy for another five to 10 years.



6/22/2007 9:49:01 AM
Catherine T. Arnold said:

Do you recommend a colonoscopy for a woman 70 years of age. I have never had any problems with the colon. I do have elevated blood sugar and have had breast cancer that was successfully removed last year.

6/15/2009 1:30:25 PM
JCS said:

I was over 50 when my doctor recommended that I have a colonoscopy. My mother had had Colon cancer. After the procedure (normal!), my insurance company (BC/BS) denied the claim stating that it was unnecessary. So all you people out there worried that the Government will stand between you and you doctor, telling you what you can do.

WAKE UP! Bureaucratic Fat Cat "insurers" are already standing in the way.


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